About this blog

This blog is my response to the entry of a large number of newish MEs to the GP vocational training scene after the recent grand reorganisation and I only took this step because several expressed to me a need for some professional development. A comment was even made about needing to know the basic language of medical education. Many MEs work part-time, feel a lack of mentors and have limited ability to attend useful conferences and workshops of which there are but a few in Australia.  Sometimes we don’t even have the opportunity to talk to each other.

I don’t want to present the final word on any of the topics but I have read around the area and attended and presented at conferences so I can direct interested MEs to useful resources. There are blogs, conference presentations and journal articles out there which might take your fancy at different times and I suspect that, as usual, deciding to write about something will push me to find new and interesting resources.

The blog is called Mededpurls for a few reasons. Firstly, it is amazingly difficult to find a title that isn’t taken somewhere in the world. Obviously it is also a play on the frequently used “pearls” – but I have misspelled it to avoid any claims to “wisdom”!  I like to suggest Practical URLs (purls) so you can pursue the thoughts further if you wish. Of course I will also digress into theory at times because I like it!  Despite not being a knitter, I thought of knit one, pearl one as the foundation for constructing your own garment.  I’m sure many will go on to moss stitch, cable patterns and fair isle jumpers, educationally speaking.  Blogs come and go so let’s just give it a go.

Opinions are my own.